At the Albion, we endeavour to provide an uncomplicated, unfussy menu that is directed at providing sensible portions of food at a reasonable price.

We are dedicated to seeking ingredients from local producers and reducing unnecessary “food miles”, often hard to do in country towns. In turn, we hope that we can provide our customers with the freshest of ingredients and a tasty culinary experience.

We want to offer something of what we enjoy about living and eating in our country town. We enjoy our relaxed afternoons slow cooking with a glass of wine, we take delight in picking and preparing our home-grown vegetables and fruit, and we marvel at treats like eggs, lamb or even truffles from our neighbours. We want to share it with our visitors, and each other.

We have embraced the local wine regions of Canberra and Murrumbateman and we have a specific wine list focused on providing the best of the regions’ winemakers. Close to home is Braidwood’s Half Moon Wines and we are always proud to feature their wines in our restaurant.


We use Canberra based roaster Lonsdale St. Roasters for our bean supply and we strive to use beans roasted within the last 6-10 days. Like good wine roasted beans have an aging process.

The boys at LSR small batch roast to give a superior product and hand pack to avoid bruising. They also roast daily for perfect dating and avoid crowding flavours in their blends so as to have a soft, sweet espresso while retaining a chocolate base perfect for coffee with milk.

Food and wine….

At the Albion, our menu and daily specials revolve around the things that we love to eat…and we really love to eat! We like our menu to be uncomplicated and unfussy, but at the same time a little bit different.

Our kitchen takes inspiration from local, seasonal and most importantly ‘free range’ and ‘whole’ produce. Chemicals and processed ingredients just aren’t our thing! We really feel delighted to use our locally-grown eggs, meat, fruit & veg, delicious whole-wheat sourdough bread and we’re excited at using treats like Moruya whiting or Tarago Lake truffles from our neighbours, when in season.

Also close to home is Braidwood’s Half Moon Wines and we are always proud to feature their wines in our restaurant.

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